A downloadable manifesto

Don't be so hard on others, especially romantic partners.

Don't expect others to fix you, especially romantic partners.

Don't be so hard on yourself.

The code doesn't need to be clean if it doesn't need to be maintained.

Copy and paste is allowed sometimes.

Always cook enough to have leftovers.

Think about what's most interesting to other people, not what's most interesting to you.

If you want to be nice to others, don't make it a burden on them to figure out how.

Try to be sexy.

Always be sensual.

Abstract Expressionism is pretty great, even considering the CIA involvement.

Routine isn't uncreative or limiting.

Be intentional. Don't just take the obvious next step.

It's not just one thing.

Staying in is okay.

Moderation is okay.

But the magic happens at the fringes.

So be intentional about how you spend your energy, so you have time to push at the fringes.

Always carry a pen.

Being critical is different from being a jerk. Different from proving your own intelligence. Different from winning. Different from "just throwing ideas out there."

Compassion and empathy are really important.

Rabbits are not necessarily good pets, but they are very entertaining.

Salads always taste better with home grown tomatoes.

The best food is raw wax beans eaten straight off the vine.

Sleep more.

Check your phone less.

Wear interesting clothes.

Invest in your physical space.

Make your living space comfortable for yourself, not for hypothetical others who might judge it.

Most people either don't care about you, or want you to be happy.

You should want others to be happy.

Check your phone less.

Sleep more. 

Be intentional.


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